Values have to be cultivated, but not preserved.

David Bossard, GDI Manager

Our values

The world of transport and cold chain logistics is subject to continuous change, and it is changing very quickly. However, one thing remains unchanged and sure: our corporate values. But also our eagerness to live up to our values on a daily basis.

Customer-oriented and experienced

From the very beginning our company’s history has featured customer orientation. It expresses our consistent focus on customer and market needs, which is adaptable, active and far-sighted.

With this entrepreneurial attitude, we can always look forward and grow continually, steadily and healthily. To our customers, this claim means that with Blättler AG they have always an experienced partner on their side, who deliberately caters to and meets their needs on a case-by-case basis. Future needs origin.

Friendly and personal

As an established family firm, we are used to deal personally with people in a sincere, friendly and straightforward way, and we appreciate this very much. Esteem and decency are what accompanies us in our daily work.

Therefore, it is also very important to us that all our alliances work out and succeed in this spirit. Our standards of good cooperation are also a source of our outstanding commitment. Trust arises out of shared positive experiences and close cooperation in a friendly climate. Personal lasts the longest.

Demanding and reliable

Professionalism and quality work are standards in every modern logistics company. But our commitment goes even further: we see ourselves as professionals for most demanding tasks, for example, as far as sensitive transports or sophisticated logistics are concerned.

In short: We always provide our customers, technical standards, with cost-optimised, high-grade, customised and efficient solutions. Our certificates prove how we are committed to quality and reliability. Ambitious goals are our daily challenges.

An imperative of our professionalism is also that we strictly follow applicable laws and industry regulations, for example, hygiene regulations for handling, transport and storage of goods.