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Vision & Policy

Our vision

Having a vision provides orientation and meaning for our daily work. Our vision is focused, above all, on a rather qualitative than quantitative entrepreneurial attitude: we are deliberately and specifically continuing Blättler Transport- & Kühllogistik AG strategy of healthy organic growth. We appreciate the values of our family tradition and know the qualities of a modern logistics company. We bind both into a successful whole.

Our policy

We aim at experiencing and implementing our company’s values on a day-to-day basis. Our policy supports our corporate culture inwards and promotes our good reputation outwards. We achieve this by being aware of our responsibility.

Responsibility towards our customers

- We are customer-oriented, which means that we use all our competence and commitment to always find and implement the right solution for your concerns.
- We are inspired by complex customer requirements. In particular, we appreciate challenges, which we tackle even more vigorously.
- The success of our customers matters to us as much as our own does.
- We maintain trust-building communication with our customers.

Responsibility towards our employees

- Our employees are the foundation of our success. We appreciate that. ‘Employees are the company’s most precious capital’ – we want to put this familiar saying into practice. Generally speaking, we deal with people in a respectful way day in, day out.
- Open, transparent communication increases the motivation of our employees. Well-informed employees identify themselves with the company they work for.
- We challenge and promote our employees, deliberately making them share the responsibilities.
- We use organisational, technical and personal measures to create a work environment in which our employees feel good and can always work in safety.
- Due to regulated work safety, accidents, emergencies and business interruptions are prevented as much as possible as incidents always mean a risk of potential damage to employees and impairment of the company’s operations.

Responsibility towards the environment

- In our business activity, we always keep in mind the principle of sustainability: our lorry fleet meets the latest environmental standards, our warehouse facilities are energy-optimised and our day-to-day work features responsible management of resources.